WoW Game Currency Guide

Enchanting is included in the thirteen professions included in World of Warcraft. In the game however, there are three secondary skills and ten primary professions, but enchanting is hailed as one of the most useful professions. People who are familiar with MMORPGS are in effect, also familiar with the process of enchanting. Every player in WoW is equipped with a plethora of armaments, accessories, and the like, all of which can be further strengthened. Players wear magic robes and armours etc, but these can all be made more powerful by enchanting. This WoW enchanting guide will tell you all about enchanting, how it benefits you, the player, as well as other players in the game.

As with other MMORPGS, enchanting adds special powers to a particular weapon or armour, making them stronger in a variety of different ways. If you have a magical arrow, for example, you can enchant it to give it special powers. You make the arrows travel farther than it actually does, do twice the amount of damage when it hits a monster, or even increase the power of your character by adding to your stats. Different enchantments do different things; with the power of your enchantment becoming stronger depends on how much you’ve levelled up the profession.

This WoW enchanting guide will tell you just how! After you’ve thoughtfully decided that enchanting is the right profession for your character, as with any other professions, you need to find a trainer who you can give you an apprenticeship. It isn’t very hard to find a trainer, as they are usually available in a lot of locations in the wider cities. After you choose enchanting, you’re also going to be asked to select a secondary profession. You can choose from a variety of secondary professions, but bare in mind that you don’t need a supporting profession to do enchantments. The profession is fine by itself. In order to enchant, you need an item that is eligible for enchanting as well as the recipe needed for the particular enchantment that you prefer.

Enchanting and disenchanting are two skills included in the enchanting profession. In order to enchant, you need a recipe and the item being enchanted. You can find your enchanting skill in your Spellbook. Access the enchanting window and follow the instructions in order to enchant an item. Disenchanting on the other hand, is the opposite skill of enchanting. The purpose of disenchanting is to acquire dusts and powders from an enchanted item. Once an item is disenchanted, it is destroyed and cannot be retrieved again, so always think twice before disenchanting.